Each pendant is aprox 1.25″ wide and handcrafted using sculpy clay. They are 100% uniquely painted with acrylic painted and sealed with a high gloss dimensional sealer.

Necklace is made from either 1mm sterling silver box chain or 1mm 14k gold plated box chain. The price will be affected by which chain is used.The back of each pendant is painted white and signed lach and lou. If a particular critter/flower/etc holds a special place in your heart, please feel free to contact me and i would be happy to create a custom order! If requesting a custom order, please allow 1-2 weeks for creation and drying of sealant.

Materials used: Polymer clay, acrylic paint, clear gloss dimensional finish
Sizes vary from aprox 1.5-1.75” wide, 1-1.5 tall, and 1/16” thick
Although each pendant is made to be sturdy, please keep in mind they should be handled with care and never worn in water. Each pendant is handmade; therefore, slight variations in like pieces exist and each individual piece may vary slightly in size, form, or color.